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Specifiers and contractors are tired of dealing with a manufacturer or supplier across the country or world. Elite Crete Systems Inc. have the most technical support offices and representatives worldwide to assist specifiers, contractors and property owners with projects that Elite Crete Systems does, with a local representatve near you.

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REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Floors

The flooring system that started the whole "metallic" craze.

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Elite Crete Systems Company Overview
Epoxy Supplier
  • Elite Crete Systems, Inc. is a world leading developer and manufacturer of specialty high-performance floor coating products for:
  • Decorative/Architectural Concrete Systems and Finishes

  • Concrete Surface Repair and Protection

  • Custom/Seamless Fluid Applied Commercial Flooring

  • Industrial High-Wear Protective Floor Coatings

With over 25 years manufacturing epoxy and cementitous coatings, You can be assured the quality is like no other, with not a single modification or improvement. So many options available in the industrial, commercial and residential flooring indsutry


Over 100 technical support offices worldwide


Leaders as manufacturers of concrete flooring and more


Over 8,000 trained professionals worldwide